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Roksanda Ilincic is My New Fave Dress Designer












Is it possible to fall in love twice in one day? I think so. My friends over at NET-A-PORTER just sent me an email outlining all of their new arrivals. Then, I came across this dress from Roksanda Ilincic. The original dress I was going to post isn’t available online yet, but when I saw this I thought it was even more gorgeous than the other one. I absolutely love this neutral color block gown for any and all black-tie occasions this season. The navy and sand silk pairs so well with the fluorescent-yellow sash! I’m literally drooling over this gown (and I very rarely get excited about evening gowns, so you know this is something special). Now send me some invites to weddings, galas, whatever! I need to wear this ASAP. Thanks.

Roksanda Ilincic lova silk column gown ($1,450)


I Just Added the Word “Pumpple” to My Vocabulary

There’s so many great things to write about today, but this one really “takes the cake” — pun intended. Allow me to introduce the pumpple cake. Get this, it’s a hybrid of pumpkin pie, apple pie and cake. The pies are baked in chocolate and vanilla cake, then topped with buttercream icing. It takes two days to make this monstrosity and one serving (which feeds four) is 1,800 calories. WOW. I just felt my arteries clog a little, which means this pumpple stuff is def going to be a huge hit. You know Americans love them some fat shit desserts, but this is fucking ridiculous. Lucky for me I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Kudos to the lunatics over at The Flying Monkey bakery in Philly.


Who Wants to be a Pickle for Halloween??

Why the HELL didn’t I think of this? I was debating between a butternut squash and an eggplant, but now I feel completely one-upped. Bitch! I guess I just wasn’t cool enough to host a costume contest in Vegas anyway. Rude. The custom-made costume will be adorned with green, pickle-shaped sequins. Ummm why doesn’t Michael’s carry pickle-shaped sequins? Arts & crafts fail, Michael’s. Oh, and she also gets to tote around a light-up scepter in the shape of a pickle. Now I’m really jealous. I guess my tequila bottle costume will have to take a back seat to this hot mess.


Oh Bulgari, How Much I Love Thee

Trick or treat, bitches?? I’ll take this treat over some Halloween goodies any day. How amazingly fabulous is this 4-band  Bulgari ring?!? It was love at first sight for me. Between the 18k pink gold and the edgy black ceramic — I’m hooked. I’d wear this everyday with everything. Hell, I’ll even go out on a limb here and say I’d prefer this over a standard wedding band. How hot would that be? The only downside is I love me some silver from time to time, so I guess I’ll have to settle for diamonds since they go with everything. Ha, listen to me spewing all this romantical crap. I’m on my way to Worth Ave. to get one before they’re sold out for the holidays. I suggest you do the same.

Bulgari 4-band ceramic ring ($890)

The K Sisters Will Whore Themselves Out for Just About Anything

Sooo apparently they’re launching a prepaid Mastercard come this November. What? Am I the only one that thinks this is completely outlandish? Everyone’s favorite Kardashian sister elaborates a little more on the new partnership:

“To me, the coolest thing about this prepaid card is that when you get the card you also get a Mobile Mone account for free and you can transfer your money between your accounts when you need it, using your phone. It’s like having an ATM in your phone, LOL. No one likes going to banks and ATMs and we’re constantly on our phones, so why not make it easy to manage your money from your mobile!?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked my iPhone allowed me to transfer funds from my bank accounts. In fact, I’m pretty sure this phenomenon has existed for quite a few years now. I feel like there’s a catch because you know girlfriends wouldn’t be lending their name to something they weren’t getting a piece of. I’m going to guess either the interest rates are through the roof or there’s some kind of charge for making the transfer. I’m not stupid enough to participate in something like this, but I do foresee many morons signing up as soon as it becomes available. It’s time like this I wonder how so many financially savvy Americans got themselves into so much debt…

I Can’t Decide if Dylan Lauren is Cute or Not

Let it be known, Dylan’s Candy Bar is one of my all-time favorite places on Earth. I love this girl for fulfilling all of my candy fixes and Willy Wonka fantasies. Oh, and Ralph Lauren is her dad. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little envious of her amazingly glam lifestyle. That leads me to her new book, “Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life.” She’s currently on her book tour and the above pic was shot in LA last week at Ralph Lauren’s Robertson Boulevard boutique. Essentially, I love the hair and shoes, but I feel like the rest of the outfit is a bit of a mess. The tailored shirt/tie menswear combo (an obvious nod to Ralph) is cute,  but I’m not loving it with the black pants. In fact, the pants and strappy sandals would have looked much better with a sexier top. You’d think girlfriend would have it a little more together seeing as though her dad is a fashion icon. Thoughts?


Leighton Meester Dazzles in Powder Blue


Leighton Meester looked positively ravishing in her powder blue Spring 2011 Elie Saab cocktail dress and platform heels at the 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala in Beverly Hills. My other favorite ‘Gossip Girl ‘accessorized with a silver bedazzled Jimmy Choo clutch and Cathy Waterman drop earrings. Gorgeous! I love the 1920s inspired ensemble and I think it would be perfect for any of the upcoming holiday season festivities.

So you want the look for less? I found the beaded chiffon dress featured above at Forever XXI ($27.80) and these fabulous gray suede Sam Edelman pumps ($99.95) from Zappos. They also come in a pretty antique gold color which also works well with the chiffon dress. Pair the dress with this sequin Calvin Klein clutch ($94.40) in gray or cobblestone (depending on what color shoes you choose to wear). Lastly, I’m really loving these Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski crystal-embellished earrings ($275). Although they’re a little pricey, I think it’s worth the investment since the earrings can def be worn day and night. Enjoy gurlies!