10/10/10 = The Day I Hit the Blog Lotto

The number 10 has a lot of interesting meanings.  In my mind, the number 10 is usually synonymous with my [distorted] idea of perfection. We’d all be lying if we said we never used a scale to rate the eligible men/women gallivanting around town. I even have a friend (who shall remain nameless since he probably wouldn’t be too happy about me throwing him under the bus in my first blog post) that has quite specifically described the scale he and his friends use to dissect hot girls…10 being the “untouchable” category that doesn’t really even exist. Men can be so cruel. However, in order to drum up some traffic to my new-found blog, I’ve asked said friend to send me a rough draft of the infamous scale for shits and giggles. If some slutty Duke student can muster up national publicity over her f*** list (based on ratings might I add), then why the hell can’t I get some sort of recognition for posting a useful guide to help women gain a better grasp on reality? Just sayin’….

I digress. The number 10 is now officially the most awesome day in my blogging career, which just so happened to start today! That said, I’m now kind of screwed because I’ll have nothing but perfection to live up to. I guess you people out there in cyber space can be the judge of that. Ok, enough rambling. Stay tuned for the man scale and my first posts on important shit like the awesome new gel eyeliner I discovered, LOL -inducing reading material and MUCH more. ‘Night bitches.

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