Who knew the host of Singled Out could parlay herself into a bestselling author?

I happened to catch a segment on Oprah the other day about Jenny McCarthy (I clearly have a lot of free time on my hands these days). I used to associate her with being the D-list girlfriend of Jim Carey, Playboy, and that moronic MTV dating show some of us used to watch back in the 90s. After watching her interview with Oprah, I’ll be the first to admit the bitch is straight up funny as hell. She’s def one of the more “real” celebrities that I’ve seen in a long time and she looks pretty damn good for her age (37?). The segment was clearly a plug for her new book, but that’s cool.

The next day I actually drove to Barnes & Noble to pick up the book because she had me LOLing while telling this crazy story about her first Playboy shoot circa 1993. Let’s just say she gets into the most hilarious details about how she never shaved her box before and how the photographers and makeup artists were  looking for ways to cover “it” up (she says it caused a few lighting issues bahaha). I kid you not people. I read the damn thing cover to cover in about three hours and let me just tell you, it’s worth the $15 – $20. If you’re looking for a quick, fun read I highly recommend it. The Playboy story is reason enough, but she also throws in some other hilarious tidbits about her vibrators, horrible dating stories (she actually admits to briefly dating a guy that lived in a basement and slept on a cement bed…what a winner), and what NOT to do during sex.

Since she’s hella old compared to me, I gracefully accept her words of wisdom. My favorite part of the book is when she talks about different ides she has to spice up the bedroom. You come to find out that she’s a chocoholic and she even suggests taking it into the bedroom. I’m not talking about chocolate syrup boys and girls…I’m talking chocolate-covered strawberries mid-coital. Yes, you can now EAT and get off at the same time (I bet this is especially good news to the 83% of women out there who are unable to reach an orgasm during sex)! I always  wondered what it would be like to stop for a snack break…yeah gurrrrl!

I’m not saying it’s the next great novel of our generation, but it def entertained me for a few hours one evening.

You be the judge, click here to read a few free excerpts.

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