Do Good Deeds, Get Discounts on Clothing. Yeah Gurl!

I like to recycle. Recycling is muy importante. I like jeans too. The right pair of jeans works wonders for a woman’s ass. Combine the two and you get Gap’s Recycle Your Blues event. This is awesome because now I can recycle something to feel good about myself AND get a discount on my new jeans! My mom saves a lot of old clothing that hasn’t seen the light of day since Michael Jackson was his natural skin tone. Suffice it to say my next mission is to go through all of these old bins and start hauling the  acid-washed jeans over to the nearest Gap. Thank you Lord for giving me yet another reason to go shopping.

I also wanted to mention that the fit of Gap jeans has vastly improved over the last few years. I purchased these cropped skinnies a few months ago and I love them more than most of my designer jeans. Just some food for thought. Now go recycle before the event ends on October 20.

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