Sephora + iPhone App = Crack at Your Fingertips












Each time I walk into Sephora I get the same euphoric feeling that I’d imagine an alcoholic probably experiences when they walk into a bar. It’s literally a crack candy store for women (and some men) of all ages. I have to give it up to Sephora though…I can never get through the entire store without stopping to try a new product, asking for a sample or buying way more crap than I anticipated. I like being left alone when I shop, but this is one of the few places that never has enough salespeople walking around to give me samples of stuff I need to try or help me find things dammit.

If you have an iPhone, get ready for yet another source to feed your shopping addictions. Sephora just released an app (Sephora to Go) that is fanfuckingtastic people. It’s similar to the website, but BETTER because now you can just get straight to your biz without getting distracted by ads for new products. I have OCD and I love when everything is neat and organized. Hence why I love the way this new app organizes everything I need into neat little boxes when I launch it. And my absolute fave? A GPS store locator! These people are good…real good.

To download the free Sephora to Go App for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, just search “Sephora” in the iTunes store.

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