Ali Lohan Needs a New Job

You know your modeling career isn’t going very far when the only jobs you get are from your once famous older sister turned drug addict. In case that wasn’t enough of an indication for you, when people like me start mistaking you for Angelina from the Jersey Shore I’d say it’s about time to give it up. Listen, she’s decent. Is she model worthy? Not at all. I have many friends in the business and trust me, if this bitch strutted into Ford or IMG on her BEST day there’s no way in hell they’d sign her for anything. I’d actually rather look at a Marc Jacobs ad over this. I couldn’t stomach posting the entire look book from Lindsay’s new line because the clothing isn’t really worth looking at (let alone subjecting you to 15 more shots of our dear friend, Ali). Hey Lindsay, maybe you should have stuck to designing 50 different types of leggings after all.

    • lymn2
    • October 14th, 2010

    Supermodel Ali’s main job these days is being a high school student.

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