This is Exactly Why I Moved Out of NYC and Renounced Catholicism

I am literally at a loss for words. This lady is completely batshit insane. The woman keeps vegetarian albino rats for pets in her BEDROOM. Not only did I just vomit all over myself, I am so nauseated that I probably won’t ever be able to look at Chex Mix the same again (that was Chex Mix in the food bowl, right?). And just when you thought there was no way in hell it could get any worse…it does. Let me tell you, NYC will always be my favorite city in the world…but this shit right here? These are the types of people who I needed to take a permanent hiatus from. Is it ever OK to keep rats as pets in your bedroom? N to the O GURL.

PS – Remind me never to send my kids to CCD.

    • Gina
    • October 13th, 2010


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