How to Avoid or Nurse a Hangover

My apologies for the lack of posts until now. I ‘m not getting any younger and apparently my body just can’t handle going out the way it used to. I mean WTF, 2-3 drinks and I’m shot the next day. I’ve never been a heavy drinker and I’ve learned to stick to the same cocktail all night…that’s still not cutting it these days. Well, today I was inspired to write about my personal cures for a hangover. Share your thoughts if you have anything useful to add:

  1. Eat something BEFORE you go out. Obvious enough, but I can’t tell you how many times I thought eating a late night slice of pizza would make up for the dinner I skipped hours before. No gurl.
  2. Don’t be a moron — drink one glass of water per drink and try to avoid all shots in general. If you’re hellbent on taking shots, at least try to avoid the garbage ones filled with sugar and cheap liquor (i.e. lemon drops, kamikazes, etc.).
  3. Speaking of cheap liquor, don’t drink it in your cocktails either. If you want to drink vodka out of a plastic container go ahead…I gaurantee you’ll be paying the price the next day.
  4. If you have a hangover, chances are you’ve ignored the aforementioned tips. We all have. If you’re feeling nauseous, pull the trigger. I swear it helps if you can manage to get over being a little bitch.
  5. It’s now the next morning and you still have the spins. Pull the trigger again if you have to, otherwise eat something greasy (bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, hash browns…you get the idea) if you can manage to keep it down.
  6. If you can’t eat anything heavy, stick with pretzels or saltines.
  7. Here’s my secret weapon: Drink COCONUT WATER. I used to swear by Gatorade or ginger ale, but this stuff is the absolute BEST at rehydrating you properly. Plain water personally makes me even more nauseous when I’m ill and I never drink soda or other sugary drinks. This stuff is perfect for someone with similar issues because you feel like you’re drinking water,  but it has a smooth, natural coconut flavoring to it. Pair it with an Excedrin or Advil and you’ll be feeling like a champ in no time.
  8. Continue eating greasy shit all day long until you’re feeling better. Pizza, burgers, and fries are my top choices.

Viva la coconut water!

    • steffetje88
    • October 14th, 2010

    I’ve actually bartended for a few years, I’d like to add to that.
    I bartended in the Caribbean, so liquor was really cheap. Even top shelf stuff was extremely cheap to drink. But drinking “cheap” liquor isn’t what makes you get a hangover, its the extra stuff added to it. Kamikazes are just vodka, lemon juice and triple sec. Triple Sec is just full of sugar. So its the triple sec that makes you sick, not the cheap (if cheap vodka is involved) vodka involved. Shots aren’t a bad thing, alot of shots are actually just miniature cocktails. Except when you go for the oh so lovely jagermeister, cafe patron or the good old fashioned tequila.

    If coconut water is not available (and I personally dont suggest it because its also just a bunch of sugar) take some room temperature club soda and a few shakes of angustura bitters. Tastes disgusting but the hangover will help.
    May sound stupid, but if you wake up with a hangover, drink a beer. a hangover is basically slight withdrawal from liquor. Drink a beer, it will even you out.

    This is coming from my point of view as a bartender that lived on a party island. Fruity shit all day long. Sugar sugar sugar, was comedic watching drunk guest leave.

    • I completely agree with the sugar and alcohol thing. I feel like the natural/plain coconut water is less sugary than the flavored ones, but that’s just my opinion. I’ve heard the beer idea before but I could never quite get myself to stomach another alcoholic beverage when I was feeling ill. Thanks for the club soda tip though, I’ll have to try it!

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