I need one of these ASAP, thanks.

Apparently Kim Kardashian turned one of the bedrooms in her new mansion into a “vanity room” and uses this very vanity table in there. She also plans to use them for the new DASH store in NYC. I decided I need a vanity room now too. This one is awesome because it has that old Hollywood feel, yet it’s still ultra modern. Now I can play dress-up like a professional. I love it! This is def going on the Christmas list like NOW.

My boyfriend and I are currently shopping for apartments and decorating ideas…I wonder how he’s going to feel about turning his home office into one gigantic closet/vanity room??

Click here to check out this and other glam vanity tables.

    • steffetje88
    • October 14th, 2010

    Hahahaha, I got one those for myself a few months ago. Although I don’t add all the bulbs, WAY too bright. I’ve also toyed in the idea of a vanity room, although I always seem to go back to my bedroom to do my make up. I dont really like being seperated from my clothes. But seeing as I work in the beauty industry, I dont really like having people in my room anymore for last minute at my home treatments 😦

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