This Takes the Tramp Stamp to a Whole New Level


I guess this is what happens when hookers decide to cleanup their acts and enroll in Parsons School of Design. This is seriously disturbing the ish out of me right now. I love the part on the site about a pearl necklace being an act of beauty or lust. Listen Leah, what you do in the bedroom is your business. If you think your man giving you a pearl necklace is romantic, I’m not going to judge. However, advertising whorish sexcapades on a necklace is not OK. Leah was not available for comments since she was busy working on her next project: The tampon necklace.

Jewelry design FAIL.

  1. Are you kidding me????! You should’ve just seen me squinting at the design trying to figure it out before reading your post…. wowwww its hilarious and disgusting all at once.

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