Remind Me Never to F with My Hair

For the most part, I was blessed with naturally straight hair. However, I still feel the need to blow dry it and follow with a flatiron just to get it silky smooth and perfect. I can’t imagine what it’s like having curly, frizzy or just plain unruly hair. I don’t blame the women that put themselves through hours of hair treatments just to achieve a permanent straight-haired look. What I do have a problem with is the fact that most women aren’t aware of how dangerous and just plain gross some of these products are.

Apparently the popular “Brazilian Blowout” treatment has caused quite the controversy recently for its use of formaldehyde in amounts well above what the FDA condones. I specifically remember the stench of that crap when I was dissecting something in my high school Biology class. I know it’s also used to embalm dead bodies. Barf! This is inexcusable. Do me a favor, next time you head to the salon for yet another hair treatment, make sure you’re aware of what ingredients are in the products being used on your hair. The lengths we’ll go to in the name of beauty…



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