Ed Hardy Banned Down Under BAHAHAHAHA

I never thought this day would come. Ed Hardy was officially banned in the city of Stonnington, Australia. The fashion Gods have spoken, people! It doesn’t get much better than this. The poster is freakin’ epic too. The fashion police done cited Ed Hardy’s ass with a cease and desist order for, “…contravening style and taste laws.” Loves it!

I’m a Jersey girl at heart, but I refuse to be associated with Jersey Shore and all its atrociousness. Those characters are moronic losers and they give dirty Jerz a bad rep. I’m not saying fist pumpers don’t exist. Hell, I won’t even dare head down to the shore during the summer to avoid those freaks at all costs. I never really understood what the lure of standing in a ridiculously crowded bar, drinking terrible cocktails out of plastic cups and getting hit on by Guido fist pumpers was. Maybe I was thrown off by the Swarovski-encrusted T-shirts all these years? Either way, I might be blogging from Stonnington at some point the very near future.

PS – Go eat and/or drink at one of my friend’s Aussie restaurants in the city. They have a fantastic brunch as well:


Yeah gurl!

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