YAY for Cute NFL Stuff

I was never a big sports fan until I started dating my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a diehard Yankees fan for life. But, when it came to football I was completely lost like most girls I know. Well, now I find myself counting down the days until Sunday funday. I may or may not even look forward to college football on Saturdays now too. What is wrong with me?! I think it’s the fact that my bf is sweet enough to explain all of my questions and doesn’t get that annoying stare going where you can’t even peel their eyes away from the TV. Not attractive, ladies. I don’t think the plethora of trashy food and booze hurts the cause either. That leads me to Victoria’s Secret. Now I’m even more excited because I can rock some cute shit to the bar. I’ve become a Cowboys fan because the bf is from Texas and I don’t really have much allegiance to the NY Giants. Maybe it’s because we’ve had to share our stadium with the Jets all these years? Either way, I’m a fan of Tony Romo, those cute cheerleading uniforms and the awesome new stadium they built. This post is dedicated to my bf because the Superbowl is in Dallas this year. Love you!

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