Say YES to this Face Mask

Screw it, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to beauty. I haven’t received ANY reader emails regarding fashion dilemmas and Hollywood has been a bore, so I’m left with no choice really (not that I’m complaining).

I tried this mask last night and let me just tell you it was EFFING amazzzzing. My boyfriend also volunteered to be a guinea pig because he got a free facial out of it. That said, we washed our faces and applied the mask for 5-7 minutes. The jar says to leave it on for five minutes, but I may or may not have gotten a little carried away with the application and left mine on a bit longer. After washing it off (exceptionally easily might I add) my face was literally glowing. I’m not even bullshitting, people. I applied some night cream and cucumber eye gel to complete my regimen and I was good to go. When I walked back in the room the bf concurred that my face was radiant. I could see that my pores even shrank a little and it completely moisturized my dry forehead/cheeks. I’m assuming the avocado and Dead Sea minerals contributed to such a lovely result.

My bf has ultra sensitive skin and his face was left with a little redness afterward. It went away a few minutes later, but I just wanted to add that for anyone with sensitive skin. Keep it away from the eye area as well (you will feel it tingling when you put it in and I wouldn’t want you to burn your eyes or anything).

Overall, this is an excellent product to use 2-3 times a week. I have a touch of ADD, so  using a mask that only needs to stay on my face for five minutes is right up my alley. I also LOVE that it won’t ruin my wash cloths when I rinse it off too (hell, I don’t even need a wash cloth to rinse it off since the consistency is so silky smooth). Lastly, the price is right (just $15 at Walgreens) AND it’s made from 99.6% natural ingredients. I’ve used the cucumber moisturizer and eye gel before, but this is DEf my new fave product from this line. YEAH GURL!

Yes to Carrots — Love this line!

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