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The New Poster Boy for Uggs

Oh hellllo Tom Brady for Uggs. You heard right — CBS Sports reported this morning that Mr. Bündchen will soon be endorsing the fuzzy boots that everyone loves to hate. All hail the new God of Uggs! Wouldn’t it be super cute if he wore them on the sidelines in between plays? I mean how hot would that be? I also wonder if he’s growing his hair out as part of the new endorsement deal? If so, it makes a lot of sense. I can see it all now, Tom in the snowy wilderness with his lumberjack shirt on and a cozy pair of knee-high Uggs. So presh! I can hardly contain my excitement for the ad campaigns. Yeah guuuurl!


Cyber Monday = Yet Another BS Marketing Gimmick

Cyber Monday is such a load of crap. That’s right, I said it. I’m not even going to get into Black Friday. Speaking of which, somebody please shoot me the day you see me sitting outside of Saks at 4am. I digress. After remembering that today is supposedly a great day for online shopping, I started perusing some of my favorite websites…come to find out there’s no spectacular sales going on. I’m currently shopping for furniture, so naturally I have my eyes open for a good bargain. Funny thing is, one of my favorite stores is only offering 10% off — the same offer they had last month for no reason at all. Other sites are offering “free shipping” and other standard discounts that can either be found all year long or achieved via promo codes. Yawn.

I’m a savvy shopper, so I’ll probs end up buying everything the week after Christmas because I feel like that’s when you can really score (especially since most people are making returns and profits are on the decline). Buy into the gimmicks if you will, but don’t say I didn’t forewarn you all.

SHOULD I BE WEARING THIS: Rainbrow Brite Called, She Wants Her Hair Extensions Back

Let it be known that I’m not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj. Hell, I just had to YouTube her name so I could figure out exactly what she sings. Turns out she’s better known for her collaborations (a la Usher and Trey Songz) than her own music. I’m just curious why her newfound fame hasn’t landed her a meeting with a stylist as of yet?

I hate everything about this entire mismatched get-up, especially the limited edition Ed Hardy for Care Bears on LSD dress. Gag. BTW, in what dimension do those bracelets compliment the ensemble? Next, we have the most hideous peep-toe boots I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing she thought the pink tights poking through the toe was a nice touch, but really it just adds a whole new level of trashy to this outfit. And last, but certainly not least, we have her Fruit Roll-Up hairdo. I mean really…I just can’t get my elementary school cafeteria out of my head. Fruit Roll-Ups were one of my favorite lunchtime snacks and now my nostalgic memories are tainted forever. Thanks a lot, biatch.

Another Set of Celeb Twins??

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey is my favorite singer of all time. Even though she’s a wee bit off her rocker, she still has one of the most amazing voices in history and I’ve been a HUGE fan since I was a little lamb. That said, it was recently revealed that Mariah is with child. And now reports are circulating that she’s preggers with twinsies!

Well, congrats to Mariah…I just have one question. How is it that all of these über famous celebs magically become pregnant with twins? In recent years, we have Angelina, J-Lo, Julia Roberts, Marcia Cross, etc. Is this just a coincidence or something? I’m skeptical. All of these women are in 30s and 40s…precisely the time when pregnancy becomes a little more difficult and dangerous. I’m not pointing any fingers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a little “assistance” was provided here.

Anyway, I’m happy for Mimi and if she has a girl that little diva will be the luckiest person in the world (have you SEEN her shoe closets???).

PS – Mariah’s second Christmas album (appropriately titled Merry Christmas II You) was just released!! Yay!! I love me some new Christmas music. I also included the vid from her fabulous new track, “Oh Santa” just cuz. Happy Monday!


How effing cute is this little duo?? Leave it to Victoria’s Secret to send me yet another email that makes me want to prance around in my lingerie all day. But really, I’m seriously loving the snow leopard/black lace overlay combo. The other great part about this fabulous bra is that it’s the NEW! Miraculous Multi-way bra. This bra is sick. It boasts making you 1-2 full cup sizes bigger and it’s no joke! My boyfriend calls this my fake booby bra because the girls always look so great in this particular style. Even better, now I can purchase my favorite bra in a strapless version. Yeah gurl!! Who needs plastic surgery when you have bras like this to work with? I’d choose false advertisement over pain, suffering and silicone any day of the week.

OBSESSION DU JOUR: Buying Bulgari Rings for a Great Cause

Nothing makes me happier than to know I can spend this kind of money on a sterling silver ring AND feel good about it because a portion of the proceeds go to the Save the Children campaign. I have a big soft spot in my heart for children and my charities of choice are definitely anything to do with helping them. Now, you may recall the gorgeous Bulgari ring I posted a few weeks back…I decided to replace it with this ring on my X-mas list because it’s obviously the thing you do when you’re not an asshole. I’ll assume you all are making the proper amendments as well.

Bulgari SAVE THE CHILDREN 1-band ring ($370)

Oprah’s “Favorite” Things…

Am I the only one that thinks Oprah’s list this year is a bunch of bullshit? Yeah I said it. Her “favorite things” suck and I feel bad for the people in middle America who actually believe she uses any of this crap. If you think she’s walking around rockin’ a Coach bag you must be crazy. How about the Five-Year Netflix Membership? Bahahaha that one was great. The icing on the cake was the repeat item found on her list a few years back — Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. (A) This should be renamed Skin Irritation in a Jar and (B) I’m not sure what kind of skin care products Oprah uses, but I would be willing to bet it’s not this garbage. Thanks for actually taking the time to pick new items for your last season on air.

OK, so she probs has an iPad and loves herself some Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. Those are the only believable items on the list. I guess this is what happens when you have to plug certain advertisers or do some people favors. Well, you’re definitely not doing me any favors…unless of course I happened to be an audience member for this particular show, but that was just shot to hell.