Cut Your Hair, Grandma

I just read what will now be known as one of the most irritating articles from the New York Times‘ ‘Style’ section. It goes something like this: Last Sunday, Dominique Browning published an article about her conscious decision to rebel against conformity and keep her long, gray hair. Girlfriend is in her mid-50s. Apparently the article garnered a flood of responses (more than 1,200 comments to be exact). The article I just read is a sampling of the comments.

I should preface this by saying that I’d like to thank the New York Times for providing me with enough material to potentially write about this for the next week. Lucky for you, I won’t. These people are all 50 cards short of a deck! I love my long hair just as much as the next girl, but you don’t see me going around posting comments about my God-given right to prance around town with it. Oh, and my hair is def NOT dirty and/or gray either.

Maybe I’m missing something here? These readers all went apeshit in an attempt to convince us that since they “receive compliments” on their hair, they should probably keep it obscenely long. I am seriously offended. I cannot STAND people who walk around with hair down to their waists or asses. Even as a child I remember getting pissed off at the little girls that were deprived the opportunity to get their haircut at Frederic Fekkai. I feel like most of those little girls probs were the ones passing lice around elementary school too! Bitches.

Here’s one of my favorite comments:

“At 77, my hip-length wavy hair infuriates many people (mostly other women my age). I used to wear it in a bun; I looked like an over-the-hill ballerina. I’ve finally found the courage to let it all hang out. There is absolutely no maintenance involved (my last hairdresser appointment was in 1992). I shampoo it once a week and forget about it once I’ve quickly brushed it in the morning. My delightful son said to me, when I turned 60, “Are you going to cut and perm your hair like all of the other old ladies?” It’s dark and silvering and frizzy and I’m finally happy with it. No, not just happy, deliriously happy.”

Marly Harris, Southern California

Okay, Marly…I see someone is still walking around with resentment that stems from high school. And let me ask you this — why would you grow your hair long if you just wear it up in a bun all day anyway? Get over yourself, lady. It sounds like you get more pleasure out of “infuriating other women your age” than your hair itself. Also, I’ll have Frederic send you over some shampoo to use  every other day. This isn’t the Middle Ages anymore.

I can’t stop reading this thing! One woman says she wears her hair in French braids everyday and is happy about the fact that she’s saved thousands of dollars since she hasn’t had a haircut in 40 years. She goes on to say, “I hope at our age women can be liberated from the tyranny of looking the way Other People, especially advertisers, tell us we should look.” Is this a joke? Am I the only person that actually APPRECIATES the look of a great haircut? Last time I checked, I cut my hair according to how I like it and not what I see advertised in Vogue. It’s also a helluva lot more attractive and manageable when it’s not down to my ankles, thanks.

Alright, I’m done with my rant. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these people (pathetic men included) have dropped one too many hits of acid back in the 60s.

Click here to read the disturbing article







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