NYC Transplants Defend Their Right to Heart NY

Last week, I read the list compiled by the geniuses over at the Village Voice about NYC and immediately got pissed off. Are they serious with some of these? Who the hell gets excited about the fact that some stranger is washing their underwear? Let’s be serious…the only reason you have to send it out is because you (A) don’t have a washer/dryer or (B) you work 70 hours a week and don’t have time. And four cups of coffee a day? I hate people who are obsessed with coffee. I could go on and on here, but everyone that posted a comment pretty much said it all. Funny thing is, the Voice even posted an update for everyone who was “offended” by their list. I’m not offended…to each his own. I just think that the majority of their list is far from euphoric (in fact, the only thing euphoric about the list is when it ended). My guess is the people who wrote it really just need to get laid. I prefer the article about NYC from The Onion. Now that’s my idea of humor.

Without question, New York will forever be my favorite city. I’ve accepted the types of people who live there. I simply chose to take a break from all the craziness for my own sanity. Who knows if I’ll ever permanently make my way back . As for now, I’m pretty comfortable breathing fresh air and having endless space to wander around. And I don’t have to ride the urine-infested subway anymore. Amen.

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