Kate Moss Bids Farewell to My Beloved Top Shop

Tis’ a sad, sad day for your gurl. Top Shop has unveiled their final mainline collection designed by Kate Moss online and I love it ALL. *Tear*

I’ve loved Kate Moss since I was a little girl. I can still remember when her and Marky Mark debuted their scandalous CK underwear ad. I also love how she is only 5’8″ and is still considered a supermodel and runway legend. Girlfriend also has some serious style. I don’t care that she was busted riding the white horse in the production studio with her ex — she’s still awesome in my book.

As far as the collection goes, I want almost everything. I could do without some of the overpriced pieces, but I’m in love with the 1920’s inspired collection overall. My favorites include the black Embellished Cape Back Dress ($270) and the cream Iconic Heavy Beaded Dress ($270). I also love the elegant twists on the maxi dresses. Who wouldn’t want to rock this blue 1/50 Antique Sequin Maxi Dress to a gala? Gorgeous!

Let’s not forget the French lingerie thrown in there. I absolutely have to have this nude Lace Ruffle Bra ($50).

Everyone knows I love the new show Boardwalk Empire on HBO. I feel like this collection channels the whimsical style of that era so perfectly.

I’m sad to see you go, Kate. You will be missed.

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