Victoria’s Secret has infiltrated my inbox for years and I never really minded — until now. I’ll usually take a gander at their cute new swimsuits or sexy lingerie. However, when I receive an email about a new “limited edition” miraculous push-up bra, I’m not expecting to shell out $250. Are you joking, VS? Did I read this correctly? So you hot glue a couple Swarovski crystals on a bra and think you can rip off mainstream America? What genius walked into a board meeting and said, “Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s charge people 5X the average price for one of our bras during a global economic crisis.” *Hand claps*

If I want to pay $250 for a fucking bra, I’ll happily do so at La Perla or Agent Provocateur. Get over yourself Victoria’s Secret. If you didn’t provide me with cute Brazilian-style bikini bottoms (shockingly hard to find in the US) for the summer, I’d really tell you to GFY.

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