I’d like to preface this by saying what I’m about to tell you is NOT a joke. A company has recently unveiled their “stylish” upgrade to the Snuggie, which they call the “Phrobi.” The Phrobi is supposedly the “ultimate cozy blanket robe.” Because we’re all too challenged to actually wrap a blanket around us, right?

Wow. Maybe it’s just me, but tell me this doesn’t resemble one of those God-awful robes worn by the Imperial Dark Knight Leprechaun Wizards of the KKK? Design FAIL.

It get’s better though. Their website raves:

“Because it’s stylish, you can also wear it out to many occasions such as dance parties, sporting events, boating excursions, evening bbqs, music festivals, camping, beaches at night, first dates, bar hopping, walking to class on college campuses, dropping your kids off to school, rooftop gatherings, you name it!”

Dance parties? Evening bbqs? Yeah, because I want to (A) be seen in public with this or (B) immediately set myself on fire grilling. I was about to click off the website, but then I came across this little gem of a comment:

“I’m a college student and hate making my bed. The Phrobi is awesome when I come home late at night and just want to go to bed and wake up in the morning and not have to make my bed again. Phrobi keeps me warm all night and my bed stays clean.”

Ed J. – Berkley, CA

Who is Ed kidding, we all know he’s not coming home late from anything. Ed doesn’t like to make his bed because he prefers wrapping himself up in a Phrobi and playing Halo tournaments all night. Ed is a lazy dirtbag and you will be too if you ever buy a Phrobi in order to avoid using actual bedding. Will Ed ever get laid in college? No GURL.

  1. KKK, no; Muslim, yes. These look disturbingly like the robes worn in many Muslim countries.

  2. LMAO. Thanks Please tell me this isn’t the new “tickle me Elmo” Christmas craze. That was a cult all it’s own 😉

  3. On the other hand, they’ll be great for the few schools that still nativity scenes in their Christmas pageants. LOL

    The guy in the pic even looks like he could be one of the Three Wise Men…

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