When it comes to teen sensations, I’d be the first to accuse Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus of participating in debauchery. Well boys and girls, it looks like I was wrong. Life & Style is reporting that Demi Lovato was recently admitted to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction — cocaine being her drug of choice, naturally.

According to reports, Miss Lovato has been riding the white horse since last year when she was just 17. A young Texas college student has even come forward to describe the night he spent partying with her during a drunken coke binge. And I thought punching her backup dancer in the face was bad LOL

Girlfriend DEF had me fooled. I have a sister around her age and all she does is rant and rave about how awesome Demi and her music is. Now I’m really pissed. It’s girls like this that set terrible examples for the youth of America. I would have expected this from Miley seeing as though she’s already pounding drinks over in Spain…but Demi? I swear, if Selena Gomez comes out with a sex tape I’m never having children.

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