Gwynnie’s Karaoke Debut

I really admire Gwyneth Paltrow. I’ve been a fan of hers for as long as I can remember. So what if people think she’s a stuck-up snob? She’s a great actress and has amazing style. When I heard she recently filmed a movie about a country singer AND sang all of her own songs I wondered how it would turn out. I mean, Reese did a great job in Walk the Line, right?

Last night Gwynnie decided to sing her new single, “Country Strong,” on the CMAs…that’s LIVE television, people.

What were you thinking girlfriend? You would have been solid had you just stuck to leaving your musical footprint on the movie soundtrack. This was almost unbearable for me to listen to. It def could have been a lot worse…I’m just not sure how much. If this were Idol, I could totes see Simon being all like, “That sounded like drunken karaoke at your local shit hole dive bar. You have zero stage presence and no personality.  Neeeext.”

Sorry Gwynnie, I really wanted to like it. At least you had cute booties on to distract me for a few seconds.

What do you guys think of her sub-par performance last night?

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