I’ve had some pretty whack roommates in my time. Did you expect anything less when finding some randos off Craigslist in the city? However, none of my roommates were half as bad as the people I’m about to introduce you to. To be honest, my main complaint was usually cleanliness. I have OCD, so I guess I’d be the anal-retentive roommate that they probably complained about. I also once had a roommate that I swear had a girl crush on me. Let’s just say things got weird. Real weird. I’ll save that story for a rainy day.

Anyway, I was perusing one of my favorite websites, Jezebel.com, and came across this RIDICULOUS compilation of terrible roommate stories. Some stories are actually humorous, while others are straight up despicable (i.e. The Murderous Gnomes…if those bitches pulled a stunt like that on me, they better wish I never left the hospital). Tell me this isn’t the funniest opening line to a story you’ve heard in a while:

“I did not know Eric was a drug dealer. At first I just thought he had a lot of friends. But I put two and two together after a while and I suddenly came to the realisation that I was living in a drug den. Sure, it was “just” pot, but potheads are fucking ANNOYING.”

Bahahahah! I can’t with these people. If you have a few minutes to kill this afternoon, I promise you’ll be disturbingly hooked.
    • Gina
    • November 13th, 2010

    “but potheads are fucking annoying”. HAHA

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