I Die Over These Flats!!!

Why couldn’t these rollable flats come out when I actually used to tote shoes back and forth to work to avoid walking the streets in my heels all day? One can only presume that this is yet another practical joke courtesy of the universe: Universe 1 — Natasha 0.

Footzyrolls are rollable flats (see pic above) that are compact enough to fit inside an evening bag or everyday clutch. They also come complete with a shoe bag to shove your stilettos in when you’ve decided enough is enough for the night. Even better, they’re also super comfy and the soles are waterproof/skid proof! I’m seriously a little jealous that I didn’t think of this first.

The other great part is that Footzyrolls come in all sorts of colors and designs. And for $30, you can’t go wrong stocking up on a bunch of neutral options. I particularly love the plain black and beige snake skin flats. Super cute! Might I add that this is also an excellent inexpensive holiday gift to give to all of your girlfriends, coworkers, etc.

I seriously cannot wait to get a new job JUST so I can bring these with me everyday. J’adore Footzyrolls!

Shop the site here.


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