On my recent trip back to the city, I was obliged to find some entertaining material for my lovely new blog. Who would have thought that the Standard Hotel could provide all the content I was looking for? That’s right, ladies and gents, simply head over to Le Bain in the Standard and you’ll find yourself enough hipsterific clowns to chuckle at until dawn.

The two gems above aren’t actually hipsters, but who cares. I’m guessing these girls flew in from somewhere either in the South or the Midwest.  I was actually quite offended by these wannabes. Who insults Christian Louboutin by taking OFF their heels at a BAR and walks around getting drinks and dancing? This isn’t a fucking shotgun wedding or homecoming dance. Gross. I’m not even going to get into the fashionista’s golden slippers in the background. Major shoe fails from all sides of the spectrum happening here.

Moving on. What does 35-40 degree weather say to you when it’s time to get dressed to go out for the evening? I’m guessing you went with cut-off jean shorts too, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to strut around the freezing cold city in the shorts you made out of old jeans back in June? Unreal.

I actually forgot how entertaining all the tourists in Manhattan were. It’s even more entertaining when you know they tried their hardest to blend in with the overly snooty and pretentious NYC crowd. Sorry bitches, time for you to head back to where you came from.

    • Gina
    • November 27th, 2010


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