CHANNEL YOUR YOUTH AT 40 PROOF: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Chocolate Milk

This is just what I needed to get the holiday season kicked off on the right foot! If you’ve ever been a fan of chocolate milk, then consider this your lucky day. Adult Bev Co. recently launched a line of alcohol-spiked classic drinks that will surely please your inner child. Naturally, I’m on team chocolate milk. My mother was  pretty stingy when it came to giving us junk food growing up, so I always took advantage of any chance I got to indulge in sweet treats like chocolate milk. I don’t really drink anything besides water or cocktails these days (especially since chocolate doesn’t agree with my skin), but I am def game to try this deliciousness-in-a-bottle anytime. Worst case scenario is it tastes like crap and I get drunk…you can’t beat those odds. Yay for being a lightweight!

PS – Props to my boyfriend for being my new contributing editor/content adviser. You know you’re loved when someone sends you great articles to use for your blog 🙂

Click here to check out Adult Chocolate Milk and other yummy adult beverages.

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