When Did Adult Bibs Become Acceptable?

I’m a night owl and came across this infomercial a few days back at like 3am. I was too tired to throw it up on Yeah Gurl and just now saw the note on my iPhone about it. I think I subconsciously blocked it out of my memory because I was so deeply disturbed by this invention.

Attention big-breasted ladies: It is NEVER OK to wear an attachable bib cami to your bra. Never. Blah! What has this world come to? Are some women really that incapable of finding suitable camisoles to wear under shirts? Here’s a brilliant idea — don’t wear a fucking low-cut shirt to work. Groundbreaking, I know. I’ve never experienced this issue in life for obvious reasons, but I have many boobylicious friends who always seem to find proper attire to wear to work.

If you or anyone you know has purchased or considered purchasing this item, email me immediately. I would be happy to give you a free lesson on how to dress yourself past the age of 3.

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