Ah yes, the cold and flu season has officially graced us with its presence this year. I try to live a pretty healthy lifestyle most of the time — vitamins, fruits/veggies, light exercise, green tea instead of coffee, etc. However, it never fails that I end up catching a cold every year around the holidays. This year, I was lucky enough to catch a terrible cold on my way back from a weekend trip to NYC. Lucky me, it lasted throughout Thanksgiving. Rude. Anyway, the medicine that works best for me is Mucinex DM. This stuff knocks even the worst cold/cough out of you within a few days. And the added bonus? Some mayjor appetite suppression! Apparently the ingredient pseudoephedrine in this sympaomimitic drug produces an anorexic-like effect. Although short-lived, the effects can be an added bonus to a terrible cold. Screw you coconut custard pie. Whoop whoop!

Well that’s my two cents for the cold season. BTW, I’m not in any way on a mission to lose weight…just figured I’d give you all some food for thought. You can thank me later.

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