Angelina Rocks Winter White

I’m not sure what to think about the floor length Versace Atelier gown that Angelina wore to the NYC premiere of her new film, The Tourist. She was looking pretty fierce in the first pic. However, I wasn’t really feeling the angora dress upon examination of the second pic. It actually looks like this long cashmere sweater I have. I call it my plane sweater because I wear it just about every time I fly and boy does it feel glorious. I’m guessing this wasn’t exactly the look she was going for.

Next, we have the shoes. I’m betting she had these white Salvatore Ferragamo pumps custom-made (apparently Ferragamo customized all of Angelina’s shoes for the film). I’m not hating them, but I’m not loving them either. Aside from that, her hair and makeup were lovely. One can only hope to look this good while raising six kids. That said, WTF is going on with Brad’s creepy goatee? Angie seriously needs to shave it off in the middle of the night or something. Come on Brad, don’t disappoint us during your last few years of being a sexy piece of ass.

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