It’s official — the New York Times Best Sellers list is a crock of shit and I’m moving out of this country ASAP. Can somebody please tell me why this book is #3 on the list? What is wrong with people in the US? Listen, I’m not trying to hate on the K sisters. Kudos to them for inheriting trust funds from the money their daddy made getting OJ Simpson off the hook for brutally murdering his wife. And let’s not forget Kim’s XXX claim to fame. That alone must have taken a lot of hard work, right? Aside from the fact that they’re stylish, they bring absolutely nothing to the table. I actually feel bad for all the mothers out there who have daughters that idolize these women. Only in America….

On another note, is it me or did they Photoshop the HELL out of the cover? Last time I checked, Kim and Khloe weren’t anywhere near the same size. Khloe is also literally like 1/2 ft. taller than the other sisters, who are these people kidding? Unreal. I think we can file this under the same category as Jessica Simpson running a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Will I be picking up the latest literary masterpiece direct from Calabasas? N to the O Gurl.

    • Jesus
    • December 9th, 2010

    Photoshop does wonders!

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