I guess I “liked” the Sex & the City fan page on Facebook a while ago and now I get all these news feed updates from HBO. Not a big deal…until I came across this stupid necklace. Anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the last decade has probably seen at least one episode of the show. There’s also a good chance that in that episode Carrie was sporting her famous gold nameplate necklace (reference pic above in case you missed that one). There was even an entire episode dedicated to her LOSING the necklace (I believe it was season 6 en Paris??). Anyway, you get the idea. That leads me to the HBO online shop. They actually sell this fugly fake version of the necklace. Really??? Who the hell would walk around wearing this? So your name is Jennifer, but you want people to mistake you for Carrie Bradshaw or something? Sorry sister, it’s not going to happen. And to that extent, if I see someone wearing this out one day I’m immediately walking up to them and ripping it off. Perhaps I’ll even dump the rest of their “cosmo” (because you knooooow that’s what they’re drinking) on them for shock value. That’s the only way to teach a bitch a good lesson.

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