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A New Hermes Clutch? Well I Don’t Mind If I Do…

This will probably be the shortest blog post of all time because words cannot express how ridiculously amazing the Hermes Jige clutches are. I’m like a kid in an exorbitantly priced candy store and I can’t deal. Although the Jige clutch has been around for quite some time, Hermes cleverly released a ton of new hues just in time for spring. That said, all I need is an extra $4,250 and I’ll be set for the season. Why does the universe insist on playing these sick games with my bank account??!!


I Gots a Big Gurl Job Now…

Good morning Blog Land…is anyone alive out there? I know its been a while since I’ve written a freshy, so I’ve decided to update everyone on my newfound responsibilities in life — please reference the photo above. If you’ve never seen the movie or have no idea who Miz Anna Wintour is then we simply cannot be friends. So yeah, this is my life now…running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to pave my way [again] in the fashion PR world. Sounds glam, doesn’t it? I just got back from LA for Oscar week and I’m pretty sure I came back as a celebrity publicist thanks to my “celebrity” boss. Please note that I may or may not be in the process of pitching a show about the devil incarnate our office to Bravo.

I’m not gonna lie, this whole “career” thing is serious work (no pun intended) and I’m not so sure I fully agree with the whole Feminist Movement anymore. What were those crazy, braless bitches thinking? Yeah it’s all fun and games when you’re 20, but gurlfriend is getting to the point where my Loubs are beginning to cause back aches and such. Not good. Anyway, I’ll relish in the perks and celebrity run-ins until such a time as I can be my own boss. Til’ then, I’ll be updating you bitches on my status more than Facebook. Don’t you feel special?