I attended one of the most prominent fashion schools in the world. I’ve lived in NYC and surrounding areas for most of my life. I’d rather spend money on a fabulous trip instead of putting it into my 401k. Speaking of 401k plans, I actually used to daydream work on Wall Street for a few years (go figure). The idea of sitting in a cubicle for the rest of my life sends a shiver down my spine. In fact, it’s up there with scrunchies, Jesus sandals and mullets. I’m not very good at sports and I’ve given up all hopes of becoming a Harvard graduate. Prior to my stint in finance, I worked in fashion, beauty and luxury travel PR. That’s when…wait for it… my love for writing about stuff that I’m actually interested in was cultivated.

One of the attributes I do pride myself on is my intrinsic sense of style. While most little girls were running around playing in sandboxes and vegging out during nap time, I was busy sneaking into the cubby room with a few “select” friends. I then gave those little girls their first taste (literally) of Chanel lipstick that I conveniently borrowed from my mother’s makeup drawer. I also refused to let my mother pick out my clothing for school past the age of 5. I also drove a little pink corvette and resided at the Barbie mansion. Barbie and I were BFF. Jealous?

Love. Sex. Fashion. Luxury. Travel. Beauty. Art. Music. Cocktails. I live for this stuff, bitches.

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    • steffetje88
    • October 14th, 2010

    LOL, your last line describes my life completely 🙂

    • Johnny
    • January 25th, 2011

    I know you have heard this many times,but you are a beautiful woman =)

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