I’m 25 and this quarter-life-crisis thing is no effing joke. As much as I hate getting older, it’s pretty cool waking up one day and feeling all spiritually enlightened and inspired. Oh my gawd, who am I kidding?? I seriously just grew tired of wasting time laughing at or criticizing other peoples’ blogs. I’m not trying to gas myself up here because Lord knows I’m not going to turn into Perez Hilton overnight (although I’ll admit that the idea of becoming rich and famous by using Paint Shop on celebrity photos seems reason enough). There’s actually a ton of blogs out there that I find to be worth reading. HOWEVER, the fact that I have to read at least five or six of these AND check my email newsletters on a daily basis is becoming absurd. And so, Yeah Gurl was born.

My mission here is simple — I’m going to attempt to combine my keen fashion sense, witty sarcasm and love of pop-culture in hopes of creating a blog that will at least allow you to cut down on blog-whoring like me. Funny thing is, I’m probably going to have to become an even bigger blog-whore in order to make sure I have the most awesome blog out there. A girl can only dream…


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    • steffetje88
    • October 14th, 2010

    I lived in the Caribbean for any years. The “Yeah gurrllll” is imprinted in the back of my mind.

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