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Do a Stint in Rehab, Become an Instant Smokeshow

Daaaaamn, Lilo! Rehab did her all sorts of good, didn’t it? I’ve never doubted Lindsay’s acting abilities (case in point: Mean Girls) and in my opinion her theatrical performance in this new Theophilus London music video gives her career a shred of hope. Although she looks fantastically sexy, she does still kinda exude that whole crackhead vibe. Tell me she doesn’t look like she just hit the meth pipe in the bathroom. Oh well, at least she’s a hot crackhead.

PS – I would have preferred a better looking male specimen. Hot guy in music video FAIL.


How Ridiculously Cute is Dakota’s Baby Sister?

Valentino Haute Couture – Fall 2010

OMFG, I can’t with the GORGEOUS Valentino dress and bow mules that Elle Fanning wore Wednesday night to the LA premiere of Sophia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere. PS – She’s only 12 years old. I’m literally dying right now. And the shoes…the SHOES…THE SHOES!!! Simply fabulous. I was still trying to decide whether I was team Backstreet or team N’sync when I was 12. Although, I was quite disturbed by the untimely death of Gianni Versace around the same time. If only I had access to COUTURE back then (or now for that matter). I can’t hate on her though. Her older sister is super talented and it looks like Elle won’t be following too far behind Dakota’s footsteps. I guess with a name like “Elle” you kind of have to be stylish. Molto bella, gurlfriend!




Well, well,well — looks like Hannah Montana isn’t as lame as I thought. Earlier today TMZ released the video above showing Miley Cyrus takin’ hits from the bong. The catch is that she was smoking salvia, which is actually a LEGAL hallucinogenic in the state of California. I’m not getting what the big deal is here? At least she’s not ripping lines in the bathroom of some frat party with a full bottle of vodka in hand like some other people we know (aka our good friend Demi Lovato). Besides, this video just propelled Miz Montana one step closer to being relatively tolerable cool in my book. That’s all that really matters. Everyone deserves a second chance, so I guess this means I can overlook her annoying voice, tired hair extensions and trademark jean shorts. For now…


Angelina Rocks Winter White

I’m not sure what to think about the floor length Versace Atelier gown that Angelina wore to the NYC premiere of her new film, The Tourist. She was looking pretty fierce in the first pic. However, I wasn’t really feeling the angora dress upon examination of the second pic. It actually looks like this long cashmere sweater I have. I call it my plane sweater because I wear it just about every time I fly and boy does it feel glorious. I’m guessing this wasn’t exactly the look she was going for.

Next, we have the shoes. I’m betting she had these white Salvatore Ferragamo pumps custom-made (apparently Ferragamo customized all of Angelina’s shoes for the film). I’m not hating them, but I’m not loving them either. Aside from that, her hair and makeup were lovely. One can only hope to look this good while raising six kids. That said, WTF is going on with Brad’s creepy goatee? Angie seriously needs to shave it off in the middle of the night or something. Come on Brad, don’t disappoint us during your last few years of being a sexy piece of ass.

WARNING: This Haircut May Contribute to a Non-Existent Sex Life

I guess it’s a Simpson sister festival today at Yeah Gurl. While researching big sissy’s billion dollar enterprise, I came across these hideous pics of Ashlee Simpson’s new haircut. For the record, at this very moment I’ve decided two things. First, pixie haircuts should be outlawed immediately. Second, I will never subject myself (or my boyfriend/future husband) to this atrocity for as long as I live. I just don’t get it. What was going through her mind when she decided to chop off all of her pretty extensions hair and get a God-awful dye job? If I were Pete Wentz, I’d withhold penis privileges from her until she decided to become an attractive wife once again. And while you’re at it Ash, it couldn’t hurt to get some sun on that skin and eat a sandwich. I’m just sayin’…

A Hilarious Look Inside Bethenny’s Closet

I didn’t start watching any of the Real Housewives shows until last year and now I’m hooked. I’m partial to the NYC and Jersey versions, but I’m kinda loving the Beverly Hills one as well these days. Of course, the NYC series is my absolute favorite. I’d seriously love to hang out with Bethenny for a weekend, she’s hilarious. I really admire her bluntness and the fact that she left the show because of all the drama going on. I’m not sure how entertaining the next season will be without her…

In addition to bad reality television, I’ve always been obsessed with celebrity closets. I’m not quite sure why, but I can pinpoint the origin of this obsession to around the time I first saw Mariah Carey’s personal department store closet. If you’ve never seen it, you must Google it immediately. I’d give my left kidney for her shoe collection. Anyway, I saw this funny video of Bethenny’s closet on BlueFly and I think it’s great. A little afternoon delight for all you gurls (and gay boys) out there. You’re welcs!

SHOULD I BE WEARING THIS: Rainbrow Brite Called, She Wants Her Hair Extensions Back

Let it be known that I’m not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj. Hell, I just had to YouTube her name so I could figure out exactly what she sings. Turns out she’s better known for her collaborations (a la Usher and Trey Songz) than her own music. I’m just curious why her newfound fame hasn’t landed her a meeting with a stylist as of yet?

I hate everything about this entire mismatched get-up, especially the limited edition Ed Hardy for Care Bears on LSD dress. Gag. BTW, in what dimension do those bracelets compliment the ensemble? Next, we have the most hideous peep-toe boots I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing she thought the pink tights poking through the toe was a nice touch, but really it just adds a whole new level of trashy to this outfit. And last, but certainly not least, we have her Fruit Roll-Up hairdo. I mean really…I just can’t get my elementary school cafeteria out of my head. Fruit Roll-Ups were one of my favorite lunchtime snacks and now my nostalgic memories are tainted forever. Thanks a lot, biatch.