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I’m in such a giddy mood today, hence this random video I came across that made me LOL like 5 times in a row. I love how she antagonizes the dude trying to watch TV then gets slapped in the face with flour. No comment about why some dude happened to have a pot of flour handy. I’m guessing this wasn’t the first time gurlfriend rocked out to this song that I’ve never heard before. And finally, I love her reaction at the end…to which she can only mutter the words “Maaaaa.” Was her mom filming? Is this a dentist/doctor’s office? Looks like she has scrubs on, but then again that could be her idea of style. I’m perplexed, so I just keep replaying the video for pure entertainment.


When Did Adult Bibs Become Acceptable?

I’m a night owl and came across this infomercial a few days back at like 3am. I was too tired to throw it up on Yeah Gurl and just now saw the note on my iPhone about it. I think I subconsciously blocked it out of my memory because I was so deeply disturbed by this invention.

Attention big-breasted ladies: It is NEVER OK to wear an attachable bib cami to your bra. Never. Blah! What has this world come to? Are some women really that incapable of finding suitable camisoles to wear under shirts? Here’s a brilliant idea — don’t wear a fucking low-cut shirt to work. Groundbreaking, I know. I’ve never experienced this issue in life for obvious reasons, but I have many boobylicious friends who always seem to find proper attire to wear to work.

If you or anyone you know has purchased or considered purchasing this item, email me immediately. I would be happy to give you a free lesson on how to dress yourself past the age of 3.


Today is a good day. I’ve finally discovered a site that allows me to temporarily offset my obsession with cleanliness and organization. I don’t know much about Tumblr, but someone sent me the link to Things Organized Neatly earlier today and I couldn’t be more elated. Is it normal that my life feels complete when I look at pictures of random things perfectly arranged? if this sounds like you, then enjoy the photos on the site. It’s basically a bunch of photos submitted by people with OCD. Love it! Don’t even think about getting me started on color-coordinating and symmetry. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with anyone out there who understands where I’m coming from. Please disregard this post if you are not a fanatical lunatic like me.

Christmas Hilarity

I feel like everyone has gone crazy with promoting Xmas mad early this year. I’ve never heard holiday music on the radio BEFORE Thanksgiving until now. Even Starbucks decided to get down with Christ and decorate right after Halloween this year. Well, I’m not one to be left in the dust…soooo, here’s a video my bf sent me earlier today that should def get you in the yuletide spirit. The ending is the absolute best bahahahahaha!  Bad Santa ain’t got ish on this dude. Merry early Christmas!!


You pee on the floor in the middle of a store, DUHHHHH.

But seriously, how retched and disgusting is this woman? I honestly couldn’t even believe my eyes…but there it was in broad daylight. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE how she prances out of the store at the end as if what she just did never happened. I recently heard that 1 out of every 100 people in this country are psychopaths. Ding Ding Ding, I think we have a winner. This filthy broad is a psychotic weirdo and should immediately be shipped off to Bellevue. Like now. Thanks.


BAHAHAHAAHAH! I can’t with this lady! A friend of mine sent me this video because I like the song and I can’t stop laughing. I legit just spit hot green tea all over myself when it got to around the 1:10 mark. This lady def reminds me of  Sha Na Na from that show Martin that was pretty funny back in the day. Priceless! I started browsing her other videos and there’s some ridiculously entertaining ish in her arsenal. If you need a good laugh, this is sure to deliver. Happy Monday!


I’ve had some pretty whack roommates in my time. Did you expect anything less when finding some randos off Craigslist in the city? However, none of my roommates were half as bad as the people I’m about to introduce you to. To be honest, my main complaint was usually cleanliness. I have OCD, so I guess I’d be the anal-retentive roommate that they probably complained about. I also once had a roommate that I swear had a girl crush on me. Let’s just say things got weird. Real weird. I’ll save that story for a rainy day.

Anyway, I was perusing one of my favorite websites,, and came across this RIDICULOUS compilation of terrible roommate stories. Some stories are actually humorous, while others are straight up despicable (i.e. The Murderous Gnomes…if those bitches pulled a stunt like that on me, they better wish I never left the hospital). Tell me this isn’t the funniest opening line to a story you’ve heard in a while:

“I did not know Eric was a drug dealer. At first I just thought he had a lot of friends. But I put two and two together after a while and I suddenly came to the realisation that I was living in a drug den. Sure, it was “just” pot, but potheads are fucking ANNOYING.”

Bahahahah! I can’t with these people. If you have a few minutes to kill this afternoon, I promise you’ll be disturbingly hooked.