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I Gots a Big Gurl Job Now…

Good morning Blog Land…is anyone alive out there? I know its been a while since I’ve written a freshy, so I’ve decided to update everyone on my newfound responsibilities in life — please reference the photo above. If you’ve never seen the movie or have no idea who Miz Anna Wintour is then we simply cannot be friends. So yeah, this is my life now…running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to pave my way [again] in the fashion PR world. Sounds glam, doesn’t it? I just got back from LA for Oscar week and I’m pretty sure I came back as a celebrity publicist thanks to my “celebrity” boss. Please note that I may or may not be in the process of pitching a show about the devil incarnate our office to Bravo.

I’m not gonna lie, this whole “career” thing is serious work (no pun intended) and I’m not so sure I fully agree with the whole Feminist Movement anymore. What were those crazy, braless bitches thinking? Yeah it’s all fun and games when you’re 20, but gurlfriend is getting to the point where my Loubs are beginning to cause back aches and such. Not good. Anyway, I’ll relish in the perks and celebrity run-ins until such a time as I can be my own boss. Til’ then, I’ll be updating you bitches on my status more than Facebook. Don’t you feel special?


Next Stop: The Lone Star State

Big things going on right now. I just finished packing (loathe), but more importantly I’m super excited for my holiday getaway to Texas mañana. YEAH GURRRRL!!  I’ve spent almost every Christmas since birth up North, so I can already see this being a bit of a culture shock. Thankfully, the bf has repeatedly reassured me that the atmosphere couldn’t be more laid back. As long as there’s bbq and sweet tea involved, I should be good to go. Anywho, I’ll be MIA tomorrow — see ya’ll in a few days! XOXO

OBSESSION DU JOUR: Buying Bulgari Rings for a Great Cause

Nothing makes me happier than to know I can spend this kind of money on a sterling silver ring AND feel good about it because a portion of the proceeds go to the Save the Children campaign. I have a big soft spot in my heart for children and my charities of choice are definitely anything to do with helping them. Now, you may recall the gorgeous Bulgari ring I posted a few weeks back…I decided to replace it with this ring on my X-mas list because it’s obviously the thing you do when you’re not an asshole. I’ll assume you all are making the proper amendments as well.

Bulgari SAVE THE CHILDREN 1-band ring ($370)

I’m Cheating on Chanel

Chanel is hands down my favorite go-to brand of handbags. The craftsmanship is superb and the classic designs will never go out of style. I was fortunate enough to inherit a few of my mother’s vintage Chanel bags that will hopefully be around long enough for me to pass on to my future little fashionista (forget porcelain dolls and quilts…we roll with Chanel). Unfortunately, it’s a recession, which means I’m not exactly running to the store to buy myself a new quilted Chanel maxi bag. Sighhh. And then came an email from TopShop. I LOVE their quilted Knightsbridge bag by Marc B in winter white.  Since neutrals are especially hot this season, I think I’ll add it to my bag collection ASAP. Oh, and for $78 you can’t go wrong. Chanel on a budget? Yes, please! Sorry, Coco.

Mark Zuckerberg Has Yet to Retire His Girlfriend

Gawker has it all wrong (although I do agree that his lame Adidas sandals gotta go). Now I know why Priscilla Chan was conveniently left out of The Social Network’s story line. She’s just really not that attractive. If my boyfriend was worth billions of dollars you can bet your last dollar I’d be the hottest looking bitch walking down the street next to him. The good news is, she has potential. The bad news is, she clearly doesn’t give a shit about it. They’re either going to get married and live happily ever after in their lame mansion playing World of Warcraft together OR my boy is going to realize that money can buy a hotter looking wifey.

10/10/10 = The Day I Hit the Blog Lotto

The number 10 has a lot of interesting meanings.  In my mind, the number 10 is usually synonymous with my [distorted] idea of perfection. We’d all be lying if we said we never used a scale to rate the eligible men/women gallivanting around town. I even have a friend (who shall remain nameless since he probably wouldn’t be too happy about me throwing him under the bus in my first blog post) that has quite specifically described the scale he and his friends use to dissect hot girls…10 being the “untouchable” category that doesn’t really even exist. Men can be so cruel. However, in order to drum up some traffic to my new-found blog, I’ve asked said friend to send me a rough draft of the infamous scale for shits and giggles. If some slutty Duke student can muster up national publicity over her f*** list (based on ratings might I add), then why the hell can’t I get some sort of recognition for posting a useful guide to help women gain a better grasp on reality? Just sayin’….

I digress. The number 10 is now officially the most awesome day in my blogging career, which just so happened to start today! That said, I’m now kind of screwed because I’ll have nothing but perfection to live up to. I guess you people out there in cyber space can be the judge of that. Ok, enough rambling. Stay tuned for the man scale and my first posts on important shit like the awesome new gel eyeliner I discovered, LOL -inducing reading material and MUCH more. ‘Night bitches.