Is Jessica Simpson Wearing a Snuggie Sweater?

Ummm, I don’t really know where to begin. This girl has officially given up on her career, hasn’t she? Besides her career, I’ve also heard that she’s given up on some of her closest friends (i.e hair stylist Ken Pavés). Word on the street is that her and Ken had a falling out because she is a repeat offender when it comes to ditching her friends for the latest beau in her life…I guess celebrities really aren’t too far off from us civilians. I mention this because it is quite clear that she is on the outs with her hair stylist in these pics. For God’s sake, we know you don’t like brushing your teeth, but would it kill you to brush your hair? It just gets worse from there. I’m not a fan of the oversized brown bag with this getup and I’m def not a fan of the awful velour scarf she has on. I think I had the same one back in 1990…it came wrapped around my holiday Barbie. I’m okay with the shoes, which would have saved the entire outfit had she decided to carry a black bag and lose the scarf/Snuggie sweater. BTW, it is never OK to wear a sweater that people mistake for a reconstructed Snuggie.

Another Jessica Simpson FAIL. At least her main accessory, Eric Johnson, is decent enough to look at.

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