Sarah Silverman Really Isn’t that Funny

I find Sarah Silverman entertaining for about 4 minutes at a time. Some of her jokes are alright, but for the most part her routines seem to drag on. I respect a female comedian though. It takes a lot of balls (excuse my French) to get-up in front of a huge crowd and tell crude jokes. More power to her.

Now for the serious part. Girlfriend is struggling in the fashion department. I get that her attire is probably an outward expression of her distaste for mainstream “Hollywood” or some shit like that. She portrays herself as the awkward, intellectual girl, but in reality I think she’s just in desperate need of some help. Maybe she’s too cool to hire a stylist? I think all these famous actors, comedians, etc. that try to pretend like they don’t give a shit about what they look like are all full of shit. I mean look at Nicole Richie or Kelly Osbourne. They were both complete drug addict messes years ago. Then  one fine day they got the brilliant idea to lose a few pounds, hire stylists and POOF! All was forgiven.

Sarah needs a makeover. Stat.

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