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I’m Deeply Disturbed by This Givenchy Ad


Listen, I’m no Adriana Lima but are they serious with this guy? I can’t even look at the ad without thinking about that creepy movie Powder. I was legit afraid of that guy and now my nightmares will def be haunted by this dude for a while. Although, I kinda feel bad about being so critical of Stephen Thompson, the albino model cast for the Spring 2011 Givenchy ad campaigns. I get the whole “forward thinking” logic and the statement Riccardo Tisci is evidently trying to make…but is it so wrong that I actually enjoy getting my usual fill of beautiful, perfectly chiseled gay male models in high fashion ads? To take that away from me is pretty rude, Mr. Tisci. I’m team Dolce on this one. But I swear, if they trying pulling any Marc Jacobs shit on me it’s OVER.